Tabernanthe iboga field planting is the next step after the bowl system planting. This is to say that the iboga seeds planted, after 3 weeks will show signs of sprouting in the bowl.
new iboga sproutingsThis sprouting will then grow into young seedlings. Usually it take us 3-4months for us to transplant the iboga from the bowls into the nursery bags. During transplanting into the nursery bags a lot of care must be taken as they are young plants with a very soft root formation. Any mishandle can affect the root and the seedlings might not survive after replanting.

matured iboga seedlings in bowls

 In addition to this, the main reason why we transplant them from bowls to nursery bags after 3-4months is that, during the seed sowing into the bowl we usually sow 200seeds in a single. After germination, we have to sort them into their own nursery bags or pot individually to avoid overcrowding. This is because they are still in the growing process and they will need more nutrients than it used to be at their very early stage so they have to be separated in their crowded setting in the bowl into the nursery bag.

After the 3 or 4 months of germination period is due, the seedlings should be transplanted into a pot or nursery bag. The seedlings will also take 4 more month till it reaches a stage with which it can be transplanted.
This period of waiting should be observed concurrently with good maintenance work in the nursery as well a proper irrigation schedules.

iboga planting into the field

The tabernanthe iboga will then be transplanted on to the field after 4month stay in the nursery bag. During the transplanting, a sizeable hole should be dug so that after removing the rubber from the soil, including the iboga seedling, will be planted together into the hole.

The journey of iboga in Ghana, West Africa gave us this inspiration and guidelines to follow and it never disappointed us.
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