"All wealth comes from adding value, from producing more, better, cheaper, faster, and easier than someone else."
-- Brian Tracy
Having a raw material is just one step but processing and adding value is what makes it complete. This is why the root bark has to be processed in various variants that is acceptable and environmental friendly. Processing in other terms means converting raw material into finished or semi-finished product. It means to add value to the raw state of a product.

We process our iboga root bark into iboga powder, Iboga capsules, Iboga TA (Total Alkaloids), Iboga PTA, Ibogaine HCL , 10mg Iboga Toffees as well as 30ml and 50ml Iboga Tinctures

Total Alkaloids Extracts Preparation
The processing starts with milling of iboga into powder. From there we may proceed with the Iboga TA(Total Alkaloids).The total alkaloids derived from Iboga is approximately 55 percent Iboga alkaloids and 45% Remaining Plant material.

Highly Purified Total Alkaloid Preparation

PTA preparation is possible with the help of total alkaloids. Iboga Purified Total Alkaloid Extract (PTA) takes total alkaloid extracts (TA) through another level of purification.

Ibogaine*hcl processing

Ibogaine*HCL is the purest form of the Ibogain alkaloid. To get to this purification, we use the highly purified total alkaloid extract as the basis material. PTA contains three (3) key Iboga alkaloids: Ibogamin, Ibogaline, and the main alkaloid, Ibogaine. We extracted the two alkaloids (Ibogamin and Ibogaline) from the PTA and crystallized the last remaining alkaloid, Ibogaine, which is now in a white crystal form. This crystal form is why the last alkaloid is now called correctly.

Ibogaine*hydrochloride (Ibogaine*hcl)

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The journey of iboga in Ghana, West Africa inspires us to give our best each and everyday in adding value to our resources