The early stages of farming iboga can be very tedious especially when the right procedures to do so is not well established. This is so because every plant has it own way of planting them although majority of the plants has some similarities in how rightfully it is done.

Also another factor that comes to play is the weather conditions needed to enhance the growth of the plant. It is not every weather condition that iboga can grow well in. 

Therefore, much emphasis should considered in during planting as it must be done in a suitable weather condition. Tabernanthe iboga grow best in tropical areas with temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius - 35 degrees Celsius.

Iboga mostly prefer a mild moist soil for effective growth this is to say that too much water can kill the plant.

The journey of our Iboga Tabernanthe in Ghana, West Africa planting journey was not that easy as it came with a lot of failures as we had less knowledge about the best practices of planting of the iboga seeds.

We initially started by buying fruit pods since we had nothing to start as far as planting is concern.

Tabernanthe iboga fruit pods

We then started by direct planting in Ghana on our field which led to no results at all.

After series of failure and the difficulty in getting the seeds of the tabernanthe iboga plant to germinate through the seed planting, we got some few sprouting from the seeds planted when we discovered the bowl system of planting them.
iboga seed planting in bowls

For the bowl system what we do is that, we first peel the tabernanthe iboga fruit pods and soak them for 2-3days.

This period of soaking is done to loosen the seeds apart and make it more viable for planting. With a help of a bowl filled with loamy soil, sprinkle the moist seeds on top of the soil and sprinkle a very little amount of soil on it.

Also can must be taken when sprinkling soil on top of the seeds as too much will bury the seeds and as a result, lead to poor germination. 

This bowl system when done appropriately will ensure you have over 90% germination rate.
iboga seedlings in bowl

Also watering must be done every 3days. This is so because iboga do not like much water. Too much moisture will kill the plant.

Also the bowl with the iboga seeds planted in it should be exposed with partial sun light. Partial sunlight will aid photosynthesis helping young sprouting to prepare food for growth.

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