History of Tabernanthe Iboga in West Africa, Ghana

The farming of Tabernanthe iboga in West Africa, Ghana was inspired by Ralf after his concern about the longevity of the iboga plant and it usefulness. In 2017, he started engaging his company which is already a farming company to start nursing the seeds of the tabernanthe iboga plants.

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Early Stages of Iboga Farming Journey in Ghana

The early stages of our iboga planting was quiet challenging with a lot of failure but we were successful along the line with persistent and consistent trials.

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Tabernanthe Iboga Field Planting

Tabernanthe Iboga field planting needs to be done at a right stage in the plants life cycle. This is to avoid the plant to be out planted too early which might cause it death or too late which destroy the root formation.

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Harvesting of Tabernanthe Iboga

A matured iboga plant is usually between 8 - 11 years although some farmers prefer harvesting the plant at a very early stage.

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Processing of Iboga

Processing of Tabernanthe iboga is the next activity after harvesting. We processed our iboga inner bark into Iboga Tinctures, Iboga TA extracts, Iboga PTA extracts and Ibogaine HCL.

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