Voacanga Ibogaine HCL

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Voacanga Ibogaine HCL is made from voacangaine, an active alkaloid in Voacanga TA, which is synthesized to ascertain the Ibogaine HCL.It’s therefore sometimes used as an iboga substitute, although the effects are not completely similar. Prices 1g $115.00 3g $315.00 5g $500.00 10g $950.00 20g $1,800.00 30g $2,550.00 How to buy our products: Contact us by mail. madoe@bulkafricantrade.de and let us know what you like to buy Before buying this item, please make sure that IT IS LEGAL in YOUR country and/or state! By buying this product, you confirm that it is legal for you to buy, use or receive where you live. We can't check each customer's country laws concerning importing botanical/natural products - so, we can't give any guarantee on our products when they get confiscated by customs, etc. unfortunately. Thanks for your understanding!

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