Micro dosing with Iboga powder and TA extract Iboga powder/TA extract in mg 440mg/10mg 420mg/30mg 400mg/50mg

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The perfect Iboga Capsules for your Micro dosing enhanced with TA extract.

30 Ibo/TA Caps 440/10 total 300mg TA
60 Ibo/TA Caps 440/10 total 600mg TA
90 Ibo/TA Caps 440/10 total 900mg TA

30 Ibo/TA Caps 420/30 total 900mg TA
60 Ibo/TA Caps 420/30 total 1800mg TA
90 Ibo/TA Caps 420/30 total 2700mg TA

30 Ibo/TA Caps 400/50 total 1500mg TA
60 Ibo/TA Caps 400/50 total 3000mg TA
90 Ibo/TA Caps 400/50 total 4500mg TA


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