NFT Iboga Box $999.00 with 400 Plants in the Box

We Bulk African Trade plant and processing Iboga Tabernanthe in Ghana West Africa.

Iboga is a plant from native central west Africa. Iboga grows in the tropical jungle regions of Gabon, Cameroon and Congo.

Iboga is quickly gaining attention for being a powerful tool for overcoming substance addictions and also mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD etc.

Iboga is known for breaking a person down to then build them back up again into their best self. 
The iboga plant has 13 known alkaloids with one of those being ibogaine. 
Ibogaine is typically used in drug detox situations and iboga root bark or total alkaloid extract is used for psycho-spiritual experiences to overcome limitations of the mind. 
Through the experience of taking iboga it is said that one can clearly see the beliefs they have about themselves or about life. They can then confirm the beliefs as thoughts in the mind and move past the self limiting beliefs they have about themselves. 

As we go through life we have experiences which give us memories, those memories influence our thoughts and emotions and they follow us around in life. 
An iboga experience gives us the opportunity to move past these thoughts or beliefs and release them from our being, thus giving us a fresh start in life, a new chance to live. 

After 6 Years of planting at our Farms, we have realised, that our losts of plants are too high, and that we with the traditional planting system never can meet the growing demand for our iboga products.
Here the Link to our Iboga website, with all Iboga items

To financing our Box expansion, we sell the NFT to Investors, the NFT comes with a 50% profit sharing of the Bark

 With your investment of $999 we can build 2 boxes with 800 Iboga Plants. 
We share 50/50 the Root Bark harvest 400 Plants is for you what will be around 1000gram, sales Value around $2000, if you don't have a use for the iboga Bark, we seal the Bark for you, and pay the Seals amount to you. 

the other 400 plants are for us. 

As it will take 4 to 5 Years to the harvest this NFT comes also with 100 Iboga TA Toffees for the investor. 

Iboga Plantation Ghana

By now we own around 50,000 Iboga plants in the age between some day's and 4 years.

What Is Ibogaine?

the main alkaloid and product of iboga inner bark

Planting in the traditional way

And here is your unique Iboga Box 

Here the Google map position of your Iboga Box

Ibogaine*hcl the Addiction stopper

The final products of the Iboga Box will be

Ibogaine*hcl (Hydrogen Chloride)
PTA (Hihly Purify Total Alkaloid Extract)
TA (Total Alkaloid Extract)

We believe that Ibogaine will have a place in the medical treatment of

1.) opioid dependence treatment
2.) PTSD treatment
3.) Trauma treatment
4.) relieve of depression and addiction symptoms.

Ibogaine hcl

Learn more about Iboga

The Iboga plant 

The term iboga (sometimes spelled eboga or eboka) refers to a small variety of African plant species in the Apocynaceae family, principally Tabernanthe iboga and T. manii.1 There are at least seven identified species in Gabon alone, although variations are not always botanically distinguished.2,3 These unassuming perennial shrubs are endemic to equatorial West Africa, where they grow in the jungle understory in a region encompassing the borders of Gabon, Cameroon, Angola, and the Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville).1 Mature plants are typically one to two meters (3.3 to 6.6 feet) in height but can grow up to ten meters (32.8 feet) under certain circumstances, and they produce inedible, oblong orange fruits after their first year.

Link to the original publication with more information.

Iboga neursery Ghana

Iboga is a shrub indigenous to central west Africa, especially Gabon, Cameroon and Congo. The shrub grows up to 1.5–2 m in height, has yellowish or pinkish flowers, and produces sweet pulpy fruits without any psychoactive alkaloids. The root bark contains about 6% of indole alkaloids: these include ibogaine, ibogaline, ibogamine, and tabernanthine (Bruneton, 2009:1177), in the proportions 80%, 15% and 5% respectively for the first three listed (Jenks, 2002). Ibogaine's chemical formula is C20H26N2O; its molecular mass is 310.433 g/mol.

Here the link to Sincedirect with more detail information

Iboga Root bark Ghana

A Psychology Major’s Experience With Addiction and Ibogaine Treatment

Jason had been addicted to heroin from age 17 to age 21. He was a psychology major at a prominent university and on the verge of losing everything due to his addiction. Then he discovered a radical treatment, illegal in the United States, that changed his life. The treatment – a psychedelic that produces hallucinations and apparent expansion of consciousness – was a naturally occurring plant-derived substance known as ibogaine.

Jason’s Ibogaine Story 

here the full Story

Iboga Box Ghana

What make the Box system unique 

To improve our Plantation, we have tested a new system, where we have the Plants under better control and monitoring.
With the new Box system, the Iboga Plant gets an optimal growing environment, and we will reduce production cost and losts of this valuable Plant.

Here the main advances of the Box system

1.) The soil in the Boxes are very well fertilized, so the plant get the needed nutrition to grow.
2.) Any lost of Plants can be detected and replaced direct.
3.) The plants get water when there need it.
4.) We extend the planting season to 12 Months the Year.
5.) The plants get the perfect sun cover.

Our first Test box above

Iboga Box planting

Planting of the Box with iboga seedlings

Iboga Box

The finish Box with a palm branch cover to protect the small plants against the Sun

Iboga Box 200

Here are the final size for 800 plants, that is the box size which we offer in the NFT. 

Thanks your Bulk African Trade Team