Iboga NFT Iboga Roots

We sell this NFT's to finance our expansion of Iboga Boxes, so we can plant the Year round, and not be limited to our raining season.

This NFT come with a Physical item 
***100gram Iboga Inner root Bark***
 as a Perk.

Iboga Roots.

We ship the item with DHL transport World wide

Here what we do with your money if you like our matter and the NFT. 

this NFT collection is made from unique pictures from our Iboga Items and Farm work in Ghana.

What is iboga used for?

Iboga is a plant from native central west Africa. Iboga grows in the tropical jungle regions of Gabon, Cameroon and Congo.

Iboga is quickly gaining attention for being a powerful tool for overcoming substance addictions and also mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD etc.

Iboga is known for breaking a person down to then build them back up again into their best self.
The iboga plant has 13 known alkaloids with one of those being ibogaine.
Ibogaine is typically used in drug detox situations and iboga root bark or total alkaloid extract is used for psycho-spiritual experiences to overcome limitations of the mind.
Through the experience of taking iboga it is said that one can clearly see the beliefs they have about themselves or about life.
They can then confirm the beliefs as thoughts in the mind and move past the self limiting beliefs they have about themselves.
As we go through life we have experiences which give us memories, those memories influence our thoughts and emotions and they follow us around in life.
An iboga experience gives us the opportunity to move past these thoughts or beliefs and release them from our being, thus giving us a fresh start in life, a new chance to live.

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Here some Videos from our YouTube Chanel so you can see what we do. 

Here the traditional way of planting, which we like to change with the more effective Box system

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