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Bulk African Trade is a farming and a processing company of African traditional herbal plants into finished and semi finished products. BAT as the short name for Bulk African Trade also sell raw materials of these medicinal trees of Africa worldwide. BAT is located at the Tropical zone of Ghana, West Africa, in a small town called Akim Oda.  BAT partners with Ghanaian villages to establish medicinal tree farms to ensure the longevity of their production and also the company's vision.
BAT functions with two branches, a 100% Ghanaian owned company and a German based import/export company. This facilitates our businesses in both regions and allows us to bring our items straight from the source to our customers without any other middlemen.
Our team is comprised of Ghanaian farm managers, medicinal plant specialists and laboratory chemists. The farms in Ghana are run by the local villages, creating work in rural areas with high unemployment and an opportunity in profit sharing.

The richness of the African tropics offers great healing and preventative natural medicines which are becoming less used and forgotten as foreign synthetic medicines begin to flood the local markets. Our efforts are twofold, we inspire to revalue these forgotten medicines in the localities and also share these unique botanicals with the world abroad.

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What is Iboga

What is Iboga
Years back and now, the root bark of the tropical shrub Tabernanthe Iboga has been the basis of a tradition of initiation and healing in the forests of Western Equatorial Africa. It is used as a tool for contacting ancestors, engaging natural spirits and accessing other dimensions to get advice for healing and moral life management.

The plant contains alkaloids which are but notwithstanding ibogaine, tabernanthine, coronaridine, voacangine, ibogamine, Ibogaline and harmaline, among others. Noribogaine is a major active metabolite of ibogaine, . One of the plant’s alkaloids, Ibogaine, has unique medicinal qualities which are attracting increasing interest from Western researchers and therapists. Ibogaine effectively helps drug addicts to overcome their addiction; it has also increasingly moved into the academic focus as a potential remedy, for Parkinson’s disease and Hepatitis C, as well as for application in the field of psychotherapy.
Iboga in Western Equatorial Africa. The plant has attracted the interest of a lot of researchers and therapists around the world.

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