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Bulk African Trade is a limited liability company who are into farming and processing of African traditional herbal plants into finished and semi finished products. BAT as the short name for Bulk African Trade also sell raw materials of these medicinal trees of Africa worldwide. BAT is located at the Tropical zone of Ghana, West Africa, in a small town called Akim Oda.  BAT partners with Ghanaian villages to establish medicinal tree farms to ensure the longevity of their production and also the company's vision.
BAT functions with two branches, a 100% Ghanaian owned company and a German based import/export company. This facilitates our businesses in both regions and allows us to bring our items straight from the source to our customers without any other middlemen.
Our team is comprised of Ghanaian farm managers, medicinal plant specialists and laboratory chemists. The farms in Ghana are run by the local villages, creating work in rural areas with high unemployment and an opportunity in profit sharing.

The richness of the African tropics offers great healing and preventative natural medicines which are becoming less used and forgotten as foreign synthetic medicines begin to flood the local markets. Our efforts are twofold, we inspire to revalue these forgotten medicines in the localities and also share these unique botanicals with the world abroad.

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What is Iboga

What is Iboga
Years back and now, the root bark of the tropical shrub Tabernanthe Iboga has been the basis of a tradition of initiation and healing in the forests of Western Equatorial Africa. It is used as a tool for contacting ancestors, engaging natural spirits and accessing other dimensions to get advice for healing and moral life management.

The plant contains alkaloids which are but notwithstanding ibogaine, tabernanthine, coronaridine, voacangine, ibogamine, Ibogaline and harmaline, among others. Noribogaine is a major active metabolite of ibogaine, . One of the plant’s alkaloids, Ibogaine, has unique medicinal qualities which are attracting increasing interest from Western researchers and therapists. Ibogaine effectively helps drug addicts to overcome their addiction; it has also increasingly moved into the academic focus as a potential remedy, for Parkinson’s disease and Hepatitis C, as well as for application in the field of psychotherapy.
Iboga in Western Equatorial Africa. The plant has attracted the interest of a lot of researchers and therapists around the world.

Treatment@Home / Preparation 

Treatment@Home / Preparation 

Overview of the Iboga dosage

PTA * hcl approx. 5 to 120mg total
TA approx. 10 to 240mg total
Root Bark Powder approx.0.1 to 2.4gram total

Sub-flood (spiritual exploration)
PTA * hcl women 5 to 15mg / kg
PTA * hcl men 5 to 20mg / kg
TA women 10 to 30mg / kg
TA men 10 to 40mg / kg
Root Bark Powder women 0.1 to 0.3gram / kg
Root Bark Powder Men 0.1 to 0.4gram / kg

Full flood (full initiation + drug withdrawal)
PTA * hcl women 10 to 25mg / kg
PTA * hcl men 15 to 35mg / kg
TA women 20 to 50mg / kg
TA men 30 to 70mg / kg
Root Bark Powder women 0.2 to 0.4gram / kg
Root Bark Powder Men 0.3 to 0.5gram / kg


How to prepare the week before yourTreatment @ HOME:

Daily, take a balanced multivitamin and mineral complex.
Add to this 500 mg of magnesium, preferably magnesium citrate or another
similar form. Do not take magnesium oxide unless there is no other option.
Take natural Chlorella vulgaris Tabletts (3 times daily, 1500mg)
This will help to protect your heart, balance your body’s electrolyte
Levels, and smooth muscle tissue.
A mostly vegetarian diet should be observed during the week before treatment.
Eat properly portioned sizes of, fruits and vegetables, and small portions of
meats or fish.
fatty foods should be avoided at these Days.
You should also try to avoid excess sodium, caffeine, junk food, and sugar, as
well as grapefruit and quinine, the latter of which is an ingredient in tonic water.
Make sure to drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
Drink electrolytes like natural coconutwater are good for replenishing your
electrolytes if not avaliable trink Gatorade, Powerade ect. (contain sugar).
These should be drunk in the week leading up to your therapy and a few days after.

How to Prepare Medications:

If you have been prescribed any antidepressants or other psychoactive medications by
your primary doctor, stop taking them for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment.
If any of these medications need to be tapered down until they are no longer present in
your bloodstream, your doctor can advise. If you cannot stop taking these medications for
any reason, you will not be able to receive an Ibogaine treatment until it is safe for you to
stop taking them.
We need to be informed of any other prescription or over the counter medications,
including vitamins, herbs, and herbal supplements that you are taking, at least two weeks
before your therapy is due to begin. Many of these medications react badly with Ibogaine.
You must not take the following medications : VIAGRA, KAMAGRA OR YOHIMBE for at
least 48 hours before and after this treatment!

How to Prepare For Substance-Using Clients:

Do not drink any alcoholic for at least five days prior to your therapy visit.
For clients who use Meth (methamphetamines), Ritalin (methylphenidate), Dexedrine
(dextromphetamine), or Ecstasy, it is vital that you do not use
any of these amphetamines for a minimum of two weeks before your treatment.
fear and doubt will make your treatment harder, and could even make it dangerous to
your health.
Remember that by denying your urges to binge, you are taking the first step toward your
recovery. Take some time to pat yourself on the back for this.

How to Prepare Opiate-Dependant Clients:

Clients who are currently using methadone or similar opiates often benefit from switching
to a shorter-acting opiate at least one week before treatment, as it is much more difficult
to remove the effects of long-acting opiates from your system, and we do have great
success with reducing or removing the withdrawal symptoms for short-acting opiates
like Heroine.


Ibogaine treatments for methadone and other similar substance often require higher
doses and more secondary doses. These additional doses can make it harder to work
through your therapy session and often contributes to a much higher treatment cost.

How to Order

How to buy our products:

Contact us by mail. and let us know what you like to buy, the quantity you want to buy and the location you want the product to be delivered to.

If you purchase our items, we will ship and provide you the post receipt and the tracking number.  After which makes the deal  final, if there is a problem with the shipment and the parcel(item) is returned we can negotiate and refund the money, but not when goods are in transit. As long as the items are in the post processing(transit) no refund of money paid by customer will be made.

Before buying this item, please make sure that IT IS LEGAL in YOUR country and/or state! By buying this product, you confirm that it is legal for you to buy, use or receive where you live. We can't check each customer's country laws concerning importing botanical/natural products - so, we can't give any guarantee on our products when they get confiscated by customs, etc. unfortunately. Thanks for your understanding!

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We offer two (2) payment options.

You can pay to our German Bank Account or alternatively with Cryptocurrency.

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